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WorkSmart Merchandising is a distinctive merchandising company with results you can depend on!

Unlike other merchandising companies, we are an exclusive retail merchandising service that is driven to deliver innovative ideas with prompt and professional service to the growing needs of the retail industry. Identifying a dependable, capable, and productive labor force is a huge challenge that we have proven time and time again. Our strength is in our attention to detail, communication, and follow through with results you can count on.


WorkSmart Merchandising has proven to be the leading provider of temporary labor within the retail merchandising industry. We deliver results that are superior in the industry due to our quality management and execution.



Occasionally everyone can use a little extra help to handle a new project, increase in business, or simply to fill in for an existing employee on vacation or medical leave.  Our primary focus is providing clients with experienced merchandisers unique to their retail needs.  What’s the advantage of working with a company that specializes in providing labor services for your retail needs?  The difference is our service providers know the industry, the requirements, and the challenges that are associated with the retail industry.

There are numerous benefits in partnering with WorkSmart Merchandising.


We are an established service provider within the retail industry. We are well aware of the flexibility it takes to be successful. We understand retail and we know that in order to provide you with the service you need, we along with our service providers, must be able to adapt to the endless changes within the retail industry.


Clients that partner with an experienced merchandising company and are looking to hire for a permanent position will have an opportunity to observe the merchandiser on a temporary basis before making any formal job offer of employment. Having this opportunity gives the client a chance to evaluate how well the person will fit in with other employees, observe their work ethics and identify any weakness that may not be evident during the interview process.


Yes!!!  Hiring the right company to provide you with experienced merchandisers can be a huge savings in both time and money.

  1.  Because we manage the entire employment process, we relieve clients of costs related to the overall hiring process such as:
    • Recruiting
    • Advertising
    • Screening
    • Interviewing
  2.  The merchandisers are employed by WorkSmart Merchandising, not the company that is using their service.  This saves our clients:
    • Wages
    • Overtime
    • Benefits
    • Taxes
    • Unemployment
    • Workers compensation claims


Employees working long hours, overtime, and overloaded schedules, quickly become unmotivated and burnt out. This leads to increased mistakes, accidents, bad attitudes, and absenteeism, potentially costing employers hundreds of dollars and an increased turnover rate.

Bringing in additional resources to handle the extra work load will motivate current employees to stay focused on task, allow them to remain alert, in turn reducing burnout and absenteeism.


It is our promise to provide service and results that are above and beyond the industry standard. We are driven to deliver outstanding results.


You are important, and WorkSmart Merchandising values you.  We will assist you with short-term, temporary merchandising opportunities, whereby we offer you employment opportunities and pay attractive wages.  When you register with WorkSmart Merchandising, you receive the same treatment and personal attention as our clients.


You only commit to assignments that are right for you! You have the control to accept and/or decline any merchandising opportunity offered.
Looking for permanent and/or full-time work
Working with a merchandising company is the best way to market yourself and have your work ethics noticed.  When our clients are looking to hire for their open positions, they often will approach the individual filling in from our company about that opportunity.
Never bored
As an employee of WorkSmart Merchandising, you have the opportunity to work in a variety of stores, with different people, and locations.

WorkSmart Merchandising is committed to setting the standard for merchandising service organizations.  Our reputation has always been the foundation of our growth.  We take pride in our reputation, the service providers we represent, and the clients, who rely on us to identify product merchandising professionals.


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